Wheel Throwing Course for beginners

Join our six week ceramic wheel throwing course for beginners in the Pots & Things Studio. You’ll learn the important basics of the process and gain the skills you need for personal development once the course is completed.

Thursdays : 7 – 9pm


Saturdays : 2 – 4pm

Course Fee : £150 (Concessions = £120)

Limited to 5 people

Each student will have their own wheel to work on for the entire duration of the course. 

This is a pure wheel-throwing pottery course that will take you through the important basics of the process. The course gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge across 6 weeks. You will learn how to wedge clay in order to prepare it for the throwing process, centring clay on the wheel, how to throw a cylinder (think mugs or cups), a bowl, a bottle, a plate and how to trim/turn the items you have made in order to give them a great finish, as well as a glazing session. (Please note that this is a wheel throwing course, so although we teach you to do some glazing, the focus is wheel throwing. Our staff will glaze some of your unglazed pieces at the end of the course.)

No previous experience is necessary and complete beginners are welcome. The classes are small so you get lots of attention, but also freedom to experiment.

We look forward to welcoming you at Pots & Things Studio where everyone comes away with an amazing experience, individualised instruction and personal hands-on time with the tutor.

The course fee includes all tuition, tools, equipment and a house glaze. We charge for the clay and firing. We display the costs in the studio.


Thursday Evenings : 7-9pm

Saturday Afternoons : 2-4pm