Kundalini Yoga with Rashpal Kaur

2 Feb - 7 Jun

Open Southall Parkside Yards 1 Seva Drive UB1 1GH

£10 cash

Event details

Join Rashpal Kaur for an in person Kundalini Yoga session on Friday evenings.


6.30 – 8pm

2 February

1 March

5 April

3 May

7 June

Fee: £10 per person payable at the session

These sessions are suitable for both beginners and experienced students; however they are not suitable for pregnant women. If you are new to Kundalini Yoga, read more about it on Rashpal’s website

When you come to the session please wear loose fitting or stretchy clothing and bring your yoga mat (or blanket) with you. You’ll also need water.

What is Kundalini Yoga

Known for its transformative benefits, the practice of Kundalini Yoga builds physical strength and stamina and enhances cognitive function, emotional fitness, and spiritual connection. Many people describe the experience as exhilarating, euphoric, and powerful. 

The practice in it’s modern form is influenced by Sikh Philosophy offering a non-dual practice for all of humankind.

In this practice, the primary focus is on the movement and transformation of energy. There is no one practice or series. Instead, the practice focuses on kriyas, which are each a specific sequence of yogic techniques and meditations to create a specific result in consciousness. This could be something very concrete (like better digestion) or something more etheric (like an open heart). Each kriya (which means “action” in Sanskrit) and comes with precise instructions and usually includes most of the following techniques:

  • Asana: body postures
  • Mudras: hand positions
  • Pranayama: breathwork
  • Mantras: intentional, repeated sounds
  • Bandhas: constriction of particular area of the body
  • Drishti: directing the gaze of the eyes
  • Shivasana: relaxation at the end of practice

Kundalini Yoga can assist change and self-limiting habits. 

  • It is a transformational system which releases blocks to the reservoirs of untapped energy within us.
  • It balances the glandular system and revitalises the nervous systems.
  • It works to build, clear, and balance the subtle systems of the nadis (energy channels) and the chakras. 
  • It includes hydrotherapy and breathing practices and other established practices for optimal health and optimal functioning.

About Rashpal

Rashpal is an independent Kundalini yoga teacher. She trained with 3HO (2004) & Kundalini Global (2020) and founded a yoga studio in 2005 serving West London.

Her teaching style leads with kindness, compassion and simplicity in practice, holding spaciousness for integration. She honours the cyclical rhythms of nature to create nourishing and inspiring experiences. In addition to Kundalini she also teaches Well Woman Yoga and Yoga Nidra and holds women’s circles.

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