The Creative Sari – contemporary sari draping & styling confidence

12 Jun

Open Southall Parkside Yards UB1 1GH


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Join Sari Stylist, Nidhi Uppal and learn how to drape your sari in this fabulous session, “The Creative Sari”. It’s a chance to learn contemporary sari draping using some experimental styles.

Wednesday 12 June

6 – 8pm

£15 per person including a welcome drink

Limited availability so it’s best to book your spot now.

During the session we’ll look at the sari as both an iconic and unique garment. Nidhi leads you through a hands on sari draping sessions to learn sari styling. It’s definitely a fun and relaxed session suitable for all ( no prior sari-wearing experience required!).

Nidhi will provide saris for the session, however feel free to bring your own.


“I wear a sari every day. By playing with its fluid form and teaming it with my colourful western wardrobe, I have a comfortable, daily sari wearing experience. My love for the sari stems from my childhood and is an indelible connection to my culture, and my Mother.”

Nidhi Uppal’s passion for creativity in colour has influenced her approach to sari wearing. It challenges the norms of her own sari-wearing through experimental, contemporary sari draping. Her experience in sari-draping covers

  • exhibitions
  • workshops
  • film
  • celebrity red carpet
  • wedding
  • personal styling

Her role as a volunteer at the Design Museum is a constant source of inspiration. It is also a continued education in all things design related. The Offbeat Sari exhibition in May 2023 at the Design Museum and The British Sari story exhibition with Bridging Arts in 2007 provided Nidhi with valuable opportunities to continue to question and develop her relationship with the sari.

Interested in learning more about how to wear a sari with a contemporary flare? Join us at Parkside Yards on Wednesday 12 June at 6pm.

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